The goal of the Red Streams Blue Program is to take actions in a watershed which will upgrade the water quality and make a Red stream Blue. Join an Environmental Stream Team and be a part of the group that sees first hand the water quality improvements as stream restoration projects are put on the ground. The data collected by the Stream Teams will be used to determine when water quality has improved and the streams should be reassessed by DEP for removal from the impaired list.

The Environmental Stream Teams evaluate stream health and water quality through a combination of chemical testing, biological monitoring, habitat assessment and bank pin measurements. The biological monitoring identifies and enumerates the insect larvae that live in the stream. The number and types of larvae found in the stream are indicators of stream health. The chemical testing measures the pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphate and nitrogen levels in the stream. The habitat assessment looks at stream banks, riparian zones, and the stream bottom to indicate the overall stream condition. The bank pin measurements determine the amount of erosion and deposition that is occurring over time and identifies the stability of the bank in that part of the stream.

Joining an Environmental Stream Team is a great way to become involved in your community and learn how to protect your stream.

To join a stream team contact Robert Struble.