Camp Policies

Arrivals and Departures

  • Camp runs from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Parents/guardians (or others listed on Medical Form) must sign children out each day. Please do not drop off children before 8:50 AM or pick them up later than 3:00 PM unless they are enrolled in Before or After Care. If there are extenuating circumstances or you are running late, please call the office at 610-793-1090.
  • If someone other than those listed on the Medical Form is picking up your child, you MUST let the camp director or your child’s counselor know in advance and in writing.

Lateness and Absences

  • The camp day begins at 9:00 AM. If your child will be absent or late, please call BRC at 610-793-1090 prior to 9:00 AM and leave a message. If you are late dropping off your child we cannot guarantee that they will be able to go on the scheduled field trips.

Before and After Care

  • Extended care is available before and after regular summer camp hours. Please refer to the Before and After Care page for more details. Please note: Before and After Care is not available for the week of July 1st.


  • Some campers will be transported by Krapf Bussing.

Photo Release

  • We reserve the right to use any photos/video/artwork of program participants to promote our mission unless otherwise notified in writing.

Medical Forms

  • Completed medical forms must be on file at the Myrick Conservation Center office by Monday, June 3rd. If we do not receive forms by this date your child’s place at camp may be forfeited.

Allergies, Illness, or Accident

  • Please indicate on the medical form whether or not your child is allergic to anything – including food. The reaction should be noted as well as how you would the staff to handle any allergy situation. In cases which appear to be minor in nature, first aid will be administered on the premises. Medication will not be administered. In cases which appear serious, the staff will make an effort to carry out the instructions as given on the Medical Form. Parents who do not wish their child to be treated in any way should indication on the medical form and should give directions to be followed in the space “Special Instructions”. If home does not supply adequate emergency instructions, or if the instructions given cannot be followed at the time of the emergency, BRC staff will act according to their best judgement for the welfare of the child. Minor accidents or incidents will be communicated to parent/guardian at pick-up. Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately for more serious incidents.
  • *EpiPens – if you child is prescribed an EpiPen please bring it to camp the first day. During Monday camp check in please submit your child’s EpiPen to BRC staff. The EpiPen will remain at camp during the week and will be returned on Friday. All EpiPens will be carried by BRC camp staff.

Expectations for Children’s Behavior

  • Campers are expected to respect staff, each other and the materials and the environment provided. It is the intent of BRC to provide an environment free from all forms of improper threats, intimidation, hostility and offensive and inappropriate behavior. Such improper conduct, by either a camper or a parent/guardian, may take the form of unwanted verbal or physical conduct, verbal or written derogatory or discriminatory statements, and behavior not otherwise conducive to mission of BRC Summer Camp. It is our goal to foster a safe environment for camp within the camp setting. “Camp setting” means at camp, on the BRC grounds, in camp vehicles, and on off-site trips. Electronic or cyber bullying is the use of technology such as phones, internet, websites, blogs, cameras, video, iPads, etc. to engage in bullying behaviors. Bullying means any repeated or pervasive intentionally harmful gesture, graphic, written, electronic/technological, or verbal communication, or physical or social acts directed at another camper or campers that does any of the following: causes fear, humiliation, pain, emotional distress, or injury; causes social isolation or ostracism based on actual or perceived characteristics of the campers who are objects of the bullying behaviors; creates or reinforces a power imbalance which disadvantages a camper; creates a threatening environment. Consequences are determined for a violator on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration, age, development, the degree of harm, and other contextual factors. Conduct that rises to the level of bullying as defined above will generally warrant disciplinary action assigned to the camper responsible for the bullying behaviors. The focus on disciplinary action with regard to bullying scenarios focuses on stopping the bullying behaviors, ensuring emotional and physical safety for all campers, and decreasing the likelihood that the bullying behaviors will re-occur. False accusations of bullying behaviors and retaliation against those making reports of alleged behaviors are also a violation of our code of conduct. Any camper that does not conform to the set rules and regulations of the BRC Summer Camp is liable for dismissal.


  • Campers need to be dressed for the weather and activities. Please wear clothes that can get wet, muddy, dirty, stinky, and worn in all kinds of weather. Clothing that has images or text pertaining to alcohol, tobacco, illegal substance, or offensive language is not permitted. PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR CHILD’S BELONGINGS. Please refer to the camper checklist for details.

Lost and Found

  • Please label ALL belongings so that they may be returned to their owners. By August 30 all unclaimed items will be disposed of or donated to charity.

Inclement Weather and Emergency Plan

  • BRC programs run rain or shine. In the event of a weather emergency a BRC staff will contact a parent/guardian. Our priority is the safety of your children. Please note that trips on the Brandywine Creek may be shortened or cancelled due to high water levels or inclement weather. All efforts will be made to reschedule a trip if it is cancelled.