There are lots of ways you can help as a volunteer. Let us know of your interests and availability and we can provide a great volunteer experience. Simply complete our Online Volunteer form or print and mail our Mail-in Volunteer application. We look forward to seeing you!

General Office

  • Mailings (assemble, stuff, label, seal)
  • Run Riso/folding machine


  • Invasives Removal
  • Planting & maintenance – native plantings
  • Maintain compost park
  • Weed landscaping & mulch
  • Work in vegetable garden
  • Mowing
  • Paint (Interior/Exterior)
  • Make signs
  • Trail Work
  • Pruning/Planting Christmas Trees
  • Landscape

Special Events (Coordination/Set-up/Day of event help)

  • Polar Plunge (Parking, set-up, clean-up, planning committee)
  • Point to Point (Parking, programs, raffle tickets, clean-up course & help set-up, planning committee)
  • Summer Music Series (refreshments, parking)
  • Jam on the Brandywine (set-up, clean-up, planning committee)
  • Stream Clean-Up (Do you have a pick-up truck?)
  • Volunteer Day (mailings)
  • Watershed Programs
  • Workshops (Planning, coordination)
  • Municipal Contact (monitor municipal activity)

Questions for BRC:

Betsy Stefferud
610-793-1090 or