8:30am – 11:30am



Elementary 750 Westbourne Road West Chester, PA 19382


$125 per student (Scholarship funding available)


Julia Steiner, Education Coordinator  610-793-1090


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Animal Adventures

Grades K – 1  

June 18th – June 22nd

Run, hop, crawl, wiggle, splash and soar through a wild week of animal adventures. Who is making those noises at night?  Who left those tracks behind in the garden? Who lives in the dirt under your feet? What do they eat? Come learn all about the creatures that live around us and discover how they fit into our natural world. You will get an up-close look at your animal neighbors!


Plant Power

Grades 2-3

July 9th – July 13th

Bring your botanical curiosity and get ready to explore a leafy green realm. Find out what a tiny blade of grass and a giant oak tree have in common. Experiment with plant parts to discover their special skills to survive. Sample a plant you pick from a garden. Scope out the plants that live in your community and learn how they protect and nourish all living things. What other powers do plants possess? Come be a botanical superhero to find out!


Water Wonders

Grades 4-5

July 16th- July 20th

Quench your thirst for wisdom about our watery world. Dive into a week of aquatic exploration, as you learn about the water cycle, aquatic chemistry, underwater ecosystems, and wonderful wetlands. We will also study water pollution and learn how to keep our natural waters healthy and clean. Hands-on activities include water testing and searching for aquatic life. You are guaranteed to get wet and dirty during this wild week!